Rosalia, Ana Mena, Aitana: who are the new Spanish singing stars?

Rosalia, Ana Mena, Aitana: who are the new Spanish singing stars?

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They are called Rosalia, Ana Mena or Aitana. These Spanish singers are currently enjoying great success. La Dépêche invites you to discover them or find out more.

It is a long time ago when the rare Spanish singers known in France were Montserrat Caballé, Jeannette or Luz Casal! For twenty years, the success of Latin music has first brought out singers from South America: the Mexican Paulina Rubio, the Colombian Shakira or the Cuban Camila Cabello. In recent years, Spanish singers have nothing to envy them.


The singer of the moment on the other side of the Pyrenees is Rosalia. His hit “Despechá” has been looping on music radios since this summer. It is accompanied by a festive video on a beach in the Balearic Islands. A few months earlier, the French public had discovered her in a duet with The Weeknd in “La Fama”. Born 30 years ago in the province of Barcelona, ​​Rosalia Vila Tobella released her third album “Motomami” in the spring and does not hesitate to mix flamenco and contemporary sounds.

Ana Mena

In France, it was last year that Ana Mena became known with the title “A un paso de la luna” in duet with Rocco Hunt. Her current single is called “Mezzanote” and is accompanied by a video in which the Spaniard wiggles around in a swimsuit by the pool. 25-year-old Ana Mena shot to fame at just 13 when she won Disney’s reality show ‘My Camp Rock 2’ in Spain. Ana Mena is also an actress.

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Aitana is not known in France. In Spain, she made a name for herself by finishing second in the 9th season of the local “Star Academy” (“Operación Triunfo”). Her first EP was released in 2018, when she was 19 years old. With already two albums to his credit, and several tours, his hit of the moment is called “Quieres” in collaboration with Emilia and Ptazeta.

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