Roselyne Bachelot tackles Benjamin Biolay and “the friquous artists”

Roselyne Bachelot tackles Benjamin Biolay and “the friquous artists”

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Roselyne Bachelot settles her accounts. In his new book “682 days”, released this Thursday, the former Minister of Culture looks back on his term in the Macron government. And in a corrosive way in view of the subtitle of his book: “The ball of the hypocrites”. The one who is also a member of the “Big Heads” multiplies the interviews for the promotion of her book, and is not tender towards the world of culture, which she nevertheless says she has defended and supported against all odds during the worst hours. of the pandemic. Some politicians kept saying that we weren’t doing enough for the world of culture, while France has pulverized the amount of aid. And who then accused us of crashing the cash register. You have to choose: either we have cram the cash register, or we have not done enough she considers facing Amandine Bigot in the morning of RTL.

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“They thank me backstage and attack me on stage”

In his sights? The cinema industry of which she denounces the French exception , donated public money and which allows many French films not to find its audience, and which does not hesitate to display its contempt for the great films . But also and above all the music industry, hard hit by the health crisis linked to Covid-19 with stoppage of concerts and the closure of cultural departments considered non-essential. It’s some artists, not all because obviously there are some artists who told us that they had held up thanks to state aid acknowledges Roselyne Bachelot: But having seen certain artists, often among the best countries, come and complain on certain sets… .

Among the protesters, Roselyne Bachelot quotes, in her book, Benjamin Biolay, whom she deals with artist among the friquest with a toast good butter on both sides . The interpreter of “How’s Your Sorrow” indeed had multiply the rants against government rules for entertainment. Thus, on RTL, the former Minister of Culture denounces the hypocrisy of thanking me backstage and attacking me on stage : I found it difficult . But she remains understanding towards the singers: I have to admit that for the artists, there was such suffering from not being in contact with the public, that it was probably them that I understood the best. . We are now awaiting Benjamin Biolay’s reaction…

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