Rugby: “Alain Estève, Giant of Béziers” book reissued ahead of year-end celebrations

Rugby: “Alain Estève, Giant of Béziers” book reissued ahead of year-end celebrations

Jean-Luc Fabre’s book contains a wealth of information and anecdotes about the life of the former international second line.

His childhood and youth in Aude which were hard and cruel, his first steps on the rugby field as a junior, his career as a rugby player, his life off the field, his passion for the night and discos, his banter, his outbursts, friends, love, illness which eats him… In his book Alain Estève, the great of Béziers, Jean-Luc Fabre, knew how to point out and tell brilliantly, simply and with a lot of emotion, the existence of his friend, Alain Estève, the second line of the symbol of the great epic of AS Biterroise.

Unknown anecdotes

Through anecdotes often unknown to the general public, Agathois narrates the trajectory of this legendary international rugby player with eight French championship titles, collected with Béziers. And the essay has been greatly transformed. Moreover, rugby fans were not wrong. The first editions of the book were sold out in a very short time.
Suddenly, in order to meet the new demands, Jean-Luc Fabre decided to reissue several hundred books. A great idea as the holiday season approaches.

400 copies

The new 400 copies of Alain Estève, the great of Béziers will be available from December 2 at a price of €26.90.
Books can be reserved from the author at 06 07 59 78 82 or from Jennifer, Alain Estève’s daughter at 06 95 52 41 41.
The book will also be available at various points of sale: in the Librairie Clareton des Sources (21 rue de la République in Béziers), in the Cultura store in Polygone de Béziers, in the Leclerc hypermarket in Montimaran and in the La Coupole brewery near Éric Montagné, in the Leclerc shopping center in Montimaran.

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