Rugby: “The guy wanted to kill me”, Mohamed Haouas gives his version of the facts January 1, 2014.

Rugby: “The guy wanted to kill me”, Mohamed Haouas gives his version of the facts January 1, 2014.

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In an interview with L’Equipe, Mohamed Haouas returned to the case that dates back to January 1, 2014. The MHR player was prosecuted for “serious violence” and “destruction of the property of others committed in a meeting”. After missing the previous trial, he assured that he was “not hiding” and that he would be in court next May.

“They tarnished my image and made me pass as a bandit and criminal”. This is why Mohamed Haouas spoke. Column 15 of selection from XV France therefore wanted to restore the truth by submitting his version of the facts of the case for which he will be tried next May. The Montpellier player was prosecuted for “serious violence” and “destruction of other people’s property committed at a meeting”.

A story dating back to 2014. After a New Year’s Eve dinner, Mohamed Haouas and his friends went to eat at a bakery. Everything happened in front of this same bakery. A “big fat man from the night world” would hit the would-be ASM player because of a “little confusion” his daughter mistook for another person, but who wouldn’t be a rugby player.

“I wanted to run into him”

The pillar of international law therefore wanted to respond. I wanted to run into him, he said. Except that the opponent of the day, Mohamed Haouas, would take out a gun and fire several times. The rugby player would therefore hide in the bakery before the police arrived. – The guy wanted to kill me – said the resident of MHR.

Mohamed Haouas did not appear at the trial scheduled for Friday, January 13. “Basically, I wanted to appear at the trial. But my lawyer told me no,” he explained, before offering a sporting apology: “The Montpellier club needed me because there were three injured players in my position. I had to be there for this match (against the Ospreys). On the day of the trial, we had a training session.

However, the resident of Montpellier guarantees that he will be present on May 12, the day of the adjournment of his trial. “I’m not hiding,” he assured. Now married and the father of a family (a 5-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter), Mohamed Haouas confirms that he has changed and wants to turn the page on this not-so-glorious 2014. “I would prefer to be tried sooner. I haven’t had any more stories since 2014,” he said.

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