Rumors of moving to Rock, relative tells the truth

Rumors of moving to Rock, relative tells the truth

published on January 17, 2023

Will he come, won’t he come? As of this Thursday, January 12, a persistent rumor has been circulating on Rockom: Lynette and Michael Wittstock, parents of Princess Charlene of Monaco, may soon leave South Africa for France to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren. If the main interested parties have not yet spoken out, one family member has already denied the rumours.

Charlene of Monaco never hid it, her clan, that’s the most important thing! Surrounded by her husband, Prince Albert i his children Jacques and Gabriella (age 8) in Monaco, she can also count on her brother Gareth, who joined her there more than ten years ago and who lives there today with his wife and daughter Kaia-Rose. But recently, Daily mail announced that two new people will join the Principality: Michael and Lynette Wittstock, his parents, who currently live in South Africa.

According to the British daily, the couple would like to get closer to their daughter, who has been suffering from serious health problems in recent months, as well as a rather fragile mental state. But this rumor was retracted on Monday by a source close to the Wittstock family: Chantell, the wife of the youngest in the family, Sean, strongly denied her in-laws’ impending move to the News24 site.

A young woman would describe these sounds in the hallway as “completely wrong“. “They didn’t move [de Boroni] and they have no intention of moving to Monaco“, she said. Will this little girl be a disappointment for the princess? Possibly, especially since she likes to rely on her loved ones every day.”My family is my rock“, she explained herself recently in an interview.

Parents present in difficult times

Fortunately for her, they are not present almost daily because they will not be moving because Michael and Lynette bought a house in the neighboring village of La Turbie several years ago, according to our colleagues. Gala, where they spend a lot of time. During the princess’ recovery in 2021, they were by her side the whole time: with her in South Africa, where she had to stay in the hospital for many months, they accompanied her on her return and were able to visit her every day in Switzerland, where she spent a few more weeks in the hospital .

A way to spend more time with their grandchildren: apart from Jacques and Gabrielle, who don’t often go to South Africa with their parents, little Kaia-Rose (age 9) lives in Monaco with Gareth Wittstock and his wife Roisin. And the little family should not immediately return to the southern hemisphere: Charlène’s brother has finally received Monegasque citizenship!

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