Sablons: black literature invites itself to the Village du livre

Sablons: black literature invites itself to the Village du livre

Spy novels, historical thrillers, thrillers… The Regional Polar Days return for their fifth edition this Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13 at the Village du Livre in Sablons. The event dedicated to black literature is jointly organized by the Village du Livre and the Association for Art and Written Heritage (ARPATEC).

After a gap year, 25 authors from Gironde, Landes, Charentes, Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne will take over the Village du Livre to present and sign their latest trembles more than the other”details of associations.

Unlike previous editions, this fifth season will take place over two days, Saturday and Sunday, and will offer free and open access to the entire village for all visitors with the promise of an atypical journey through time, art, history and culture to the mouth of the Isle of Dronne. The youngest will not be forgotten with activities such as giant Cluedo and

Escape game. In the latter, the little ones will have tests and puzzles to solve by exploring different rooms in the place.

Present authors: Roger Angulment, Barras, Ludovic Bouquin, Jean-Pierre Breton, Laly Chame, Patrice Chazeau, Christian Cétois, Daniel Contel, Fabrice David, Cécile Decauze, Sébastien Delanes, Michel de Caurel, Valerie de La Torre, Jacques Faget, François Ferbos, Jean-Alain Gence, Gilles Gourgousse, Daniel Lamarque, Sylvain Moraillon, Pascal Reygner, Christian Robin, Michel Sandoli, Serge Tachon, Jane Tanel, Pierre Willi and Adrien Zervo.


Selo knjiga // Laubardemont 33910 Sablons


Contact: 05 57 411 411

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