Saint-Beat-Lez. Give a taste for books

Saint-Beat-Lez. Give a taste for books

Charlotte Miégeville is a sector delegate in Comminges, on behalf of the national association, “Lire et Faire lire”. And especially on the Haut Comminges and the valleys of Saint-Béat. Today, the network of volunteer readers in this area is trying to develop its activity because only three speakers are welcomed in the schools of Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, Barbazan, Fos and Saint-Béat. “We are recruiting volunteers aged at least 50 who will benefit from a 2-day training”, specifies Charlotte, who indicates that these are readings of youth albums, aloud, with children, and by groups of 6 to 8 kids. “We intervene in schools and colleges, nurseries, leisure centers… The objective is to give the desire and the taste for books, to immerse children in a bath of reading”, she adds. On the eve of training in Saint-Gaudens on September 20 and 23, she points out that other training will take place. And that it ensures for its part the accompaniment of the readers and the reception structures for the development of an educational project, the connection with the volunteer, the organization of his intervention and the follow-up of the activity. .

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