Saint-Cirq-Souillaguet. “My book testifies to my love for Lot”

Saint-Cirq-Souillaguet. “My book testifies to my love for Lot”

Adeline Griset is a young writer of Lotov origin. His second novel, “La Métaphore de la graine,” has just been published. We met the writer at the Saint-Cirq-Souillaguet 2022 book fair, for her first novel “Marmelada” published last year.

What is your relationship with Lot?

From my earliest childhood, I spent holidays in the family house in Miers. My grandfather passed on Lot’s love to me. Writing my two novels was an opportunity for me as an adult to rediscover the seasons with their nuances, such as autumn for its colors, winter for its soothing silence and spring for its flowers.

Are you talking about your participation in the Saint-Cirq-Souillaguet book fair?

Much to my surprise, I was invited to this literary event by Corinne Andries, a local elected official and fair manager. It was, after the Loubressac book day, my second participation in a literary event in Lot. This cultural event, unusual for me at the time, allowed me to, on the one hand, share with non-professional writers like me the difficulties they face when promoting their works; on the other hand, with readers surprised by my youth and who discovered me. I admit that I was impressed by this immersion in the world of literature.

You presented “Marmalade”, what message does it carry?

The stay in Miers was the origin of my first novel. The heroine Éléonore, after a long imprisonment that became psychologically and materially unbearable, decides to leave everything behind and take refuge in the family home. There she finds her roots, her friends from before and forever, and then discovers a secret that will lead her to see Lota in a different light. The message, as a conclusion, could be: happiness is often where you least expect it! It’s like birth. “The Metaphor of the Seed” is a continuation, it is actually a dedication to the earth and those who live on it. It is a testimony of my love for this land of lotuses, the cradle of my family, where I have the ambition to live and devote myself to writing.

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