Salvatore Adamo cancels a concert and the promotion of his album

Salvatore Adamo cancels a concert and the promotion of his album

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The timing is not good. Indeed, 79 years old, Salvatore Adamo was delighted with the release of his new album “In French Please”, expected on January 27 in stores. A rebirth for the artist who
revisits and adapts 14 great English and American standards: from Bob Dylan Elton John and Simply Red Pearl Jam on this disc in French, produced by Stephan Eicher and REYN. It even contains duets with Jane Birkin, Daniel Auteuil and Roussel Street ! Led by the title “Clair”, the disc should have been accompanied by a nice burst of promotion and a concert, but the launch is threatened by the state of health of Salvatore Adamo. As revealed The Parisianthe interpreter of “Tombe la neige” suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia. So he can’t sing according to its turner Caramba shows.

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By order of doctors

Her Belgian doctor asked her not only not to sing, but also to speak as little and as quietly as possible, so that her voice regains its beautiful and singular timbre. is it indicated in the article of our colleagues, advancing that his concert scheduled for January 20 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as well as his interviews and other promotional engagements in Brussels (Belgium) are canceled. As indicated The Parisianthe singer, who will celebrate his 80th birthday on November 1, has started rehabilitation of the vocal cords in order to avoid any further surgery. Already in 2019, Salvatore Adamo had been forced to cancel several concerts before being operated on due to vocal cord problems. I lived three months of big doubts. (…) I have never suffered from a vocal problem. (…) On the other hand, what disturbed me a lot was being forced into silence throughout the summer. I had to write on a slate to express myself he confided Paris Match the time.

Anyway, 2023 will be placed under the sign of Salvatore Adamo because he will also celebrate his 60th anniversary. His 26th studio album will be released on the same day as a documentary “My life, the real one” broadcast on France 3 and which will retrace his impressive career. Also, Salvatore Adamo will go on tour from next Thursday, March 23, with concerts in France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland. A date is scheduled at the Grand Rex Paris on October 18, 2023. He is also due to perform in Istanbul (Turkey) on February 10. Let’s hope he recovers from his health problems!

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