Salvatore Adamo: why he was cold with Johnny Hallyday (ZAPTV)

Salvatore Adamo: why he was cold with Johnny Hallyday (ZAPTV)

Guest on the set of 8:30 p.m. on SundaySunday January 22, Salvatore Adamo confided in his friendship with Johnny, tied by a falling out. “We got a little far apart, but we found each other”he confided.

Sixty years of career, dozens of albums, hundreds of songs and cult titlesand he has no intention of stopping singing, despite the disease. Friday January 27, Salvatore Adamo released his twenty-sixth studio album in French. I am invaded by music »he confided to Laurent Delahousseon the 8:30 p.m. set on Sunday, Sunday January 22. And to add: “I make ten or fifteen melodies a night or a day. Even today, coming on the show in the taxi. »

In sixty years of career, Salvatore Adamo has crossed eras and musical styles. In the 1960s, it was the Yéyés. And the Belgian singer was part of the band Hi friends, with Claude François, Sylvie Vartan, Chantal Goya, Sheila, Jean-Jacques Debout and many more. In 1966, they were photographed all together by Jean-Marie Perrier for SLC magazine. Salvatore Adamo remembered: “That year, I had won the referendum of Hello friends, and when I arrived Jean-Marie Perrier said to me: ‘Put yourself on the ladder.’ » But he preferred to put himself “in the middle with [ses] friends “. ” Johnny arrived late »he specified. So it was the rocker who got on the ladder.

“We drifted apart a bit maybe because of that”

Salvatore Adamo confided that he was friends with Johnny Hallyday. Friendship marred by a falling out. “With Johnny, we had seen each other several times. I even went to his house. He asked me for a song, and I offered him La nuit. He had loved it. »told the singer. And to add: “When I told my artistic director that I wanted to give La nuit à Johnny, he said to me: “You are crazy, this is your next success. We drifted apart a bit maybe because of that, but we found each other. » And he is full of praise for Johnny: “Johnny was an absolutely good being. » And regretted.

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