Samy Naceri talks about his 33-year gap with his partner

Samy Naceri talks about his 33-year gap with his partner

Samy Naceri left its mark on the cinema, in particular thanks to its role as Daniel Moraux in to the saga Taxi. On January 5, he was invited on the set of Do not touch My TV on C8 to look back on his career. In particular, he spoke with emotion his descent into hell after the success of the films. “VSwent up too fast, you suddenly fart and you weren’t prepared for it (…) If you are not surrounded by your family, solid people around you (…) Every day we see freeloaders, if you don’t have real people around you, you go up and you blow up everything because it’s going too fast, and I went up super fast and all of a sudden, I didn’t understand a thing. Then you don’t really listen and then you slip“, he explained. He had also delivered himself frankly on its links with Luc Besson.

Samy Naceriin love“, what love has changed in his life

This Monday, January 30, Samy Naceri answered all questions from Laurent Argelier in his podcast Series available on all podcast platforms. Thus, the facilitator wanted to know who was the most important person in his life. “my mother, but she is no longer there. She’s in heaven, so I try to get as close to my mother as possible. She often comes into my head, I have the impression that she says to me: ‘Go ahead, watch out for this, watch out for that'”, he replied. And to continue: “My sonof course and then my companion who accompanies me and two, three friends“. If Samy Naceri is no longer a heart to take, is he in love? “I am in love yes. I am well. It must be love ’cause every morning that God makes, I’m happy to live and I’m happy to go to work, to fight for my home, to build my home and build what I still have to live and what she still has to live“, he confided.

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33 years apart from his current partner

Don’t you love the same way anymore?” Laurent Argelier then asked him following their exchange. To which Samy Naceri replied: “I’m 61, she’s 28, you have to love differently“. An age difference he lives”very well“.”When I look a little around me, there have been a lot of couples, a woman older than the man or vice versa, a man older than a woman, so it works very well. I don’t have a problem with that, she doesn’t either, neither do her parents“, he developed. The latter have also accepted it. “Once they meet me two, three times, then they realize that I’m a real guy and I have a real good background, and that I’m not a bad guy, that I’m a good guy“, he explained.

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