Santa Claus is not a scumbag, but a skilled film buff

Santa Claus is not a scumbag, but a skilled film buff

Scum, Father Christmas ? Not the one who 20 minutes advised to fill his hood with a handful of beautiful ones pounds capable of satisfying all the tastes of your loved ones cinema.

Better Avatar than Never

It’s hard to miss the movie of the year (even the decade). Stéphanie Chaptal details James Cameron’s career in James Cameron’s Avatars. The author deals in detail with his film career. His story is neat and dense like a film about James Cameron. That’s a compliment. (Ynnis, €35).

Detailed examination under the pine

Give the gift of a subscription to a great magazine Cinemateaser, it is the certainty that you will be up to date with the latest news from the cinema in the company of a few enthusiasts. Here’s a gift that spans the entire year and is jealously guarded for great exclusive interviews that are always fascinating. It’s in December Steven Spielberg who sticks to it. (One year, €45).

Steven Spielberg, this hero

Want to know even more about Master Spielberg? Steven in front of Spielberg is an ideal job. Gilles Penso defines his book as a “romantic biography”, and we dive into the director’s childhood, revealing fascinating keys to his future work. It is devoured in one breath. (Michel Lafon, €18.95).

Reference question

More than nerds than nerds, T’as la ref? by Mélanie Toubeau is a delight. YouTube channel creator Cinema Mania proves that she is as comfortable in writing as she is on screen. His scientifically playful work reveals references and other “easter eggs” from famous films. Fun anecdotes to read and share in society. (No download, €21).

Mangoes galore

Since we are talking about references Manga that talks… Matthieu Pinon is not, strictly speaking, a work about film. However, it provides valuable codes for understanding anime (Japanese cartoon). Adorned with reading tips to guide amateurs in their discoveries, this huge book does a lot of favors. (Larousse, €34.95).

At the table for a magical meal

Alias ​​Thibault Villanova Gastro geek loves cakes as much as Disney/Pixar productions. So it was only natural that he combined the two Enchanted pastries. Thirty-three recipes to prepare and enjoy are inspired by Mickey’s studio classics. Rapunzel’s cookies are super good! (Hachette Heroes, €24.95).

The new wave and its beautiful shots

And since it is also a cinema picture, New wave offers a walk to Truffaut, Godard or Demy (to name just a few) in the company of photographers Raymond Cauchetier. This superb black and white album allows you to end the year on a note of beauty. (Hugo Image, €49.95).

And now all that remains is to dig in order to spoil those around you (or spoil yourself because you are worth it).

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