Sarah Fraisou: Jaja missing? She gives her news!

Sarah Fraisou: Jaja missing? She gives her news!

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– Published on Jan 15, 2023 at 5:30 PM

Jaja’s disappearance worries the web. Her friend, Sarah Fraisou decides to dot the i’s and clarifies the situation!

Sarah Fraisou has been less and less at the heart of controversy lately. Always under the shock of her miscarriageshe enjoys every moment with her husband, Mehdi. Recently, some influencers are worried about the disappearance of a well-known reality TV candidate. This is Jaja from Secret Story season 10. Very quickly, the web ignites and Internet users comment: “Jaja from Secret Story missing… Hope he’s fine”, “I just saw on Insta that Jaja, who made Secret Story, has been missing for 14 days in Dubai. His relatives are very worried. They have no news of him”, “Jaja des anges has disappeared”. But where did he go?

Sarah Fraisou: “You are seriously ill! »

Very quickly, Sarah Fraisou decided to react: “ How to tell you that you are big eggs! I just saw this article, how Jaja would have disappeared in Dubai. You are very sick! Jaja is doing very well, hamdulillah! It’s just that he wants to get away from all this social media world and he’s not interested in it “. A bit later, the famous candidate takes the floor in Instagram story and confides: “You are seriously ill! Jaja is fine, it’s just that he wants to get away from all this social media world and he’s not interested in it. He just opted to remove any social media platform. “. “I have his personal Snapchat, there are a lot of people who have his personal Snapchat, but people close to him, quite simply. “.

The young woman explains that her friend is not really a fan of networks and that he has been working a lot lately: “Honestly, Jaja, social networks aren’t really his thing because he’s such a natural person that he doesn’t want to control his words or what he says. “. She confirms that the young man is “went to Paris to see his parents and his family”. Sarah also announces that Jaja will be back in Dubai tomorrow: “He works, he’s a great hairdresser, he’s professional and today he wants to focus on his passion, his work”. She concludes with humor: “Jaja, it would be more necessary that we put you a notice of search”. Fans of the hairdresser will be happy to hear from him!

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