say goodbye to squatters with this new feature

say goodbye to squatters with this new feature

Regularly, netflix deploy of new features in order to improve its services. The latest should be particularly useful if you have a habit of sharing your account with your loved ones.

Netflix: a long-term fight against account sharing

In recent years, the management of Netflix no longer hides: she counts well stop account sharing which potentially cause him to lose millions of additional subscribers, in France alone. However, putting the right measures in place without penalizing people who are already subscribers and actually using their own account takes time.

In the meantime, Netflix is ​​considering a new original method, since counting on the good will of its users. In effect, the platform is gradually rolling out a new feature,requested by subscribers to manage the security of their account” and already available with some, when Netflix is ​​used from a web browser, or on iOS and Android. Its goal ? Prevent people from squatting your account.

A first step towards stopping account sharing

“Manage access and devices” is the name of the brand new feature currently being rolled out by Netflix. To access it, you must go to the “Account” tab, then to “Security and confidentiality”. From there, you can “to consult[r] the list of most recently active devices on this account”by checking a lot of information: device used, place of connection, date, time of last use and user name are thus indicated in black on white. Enough to check who does what and especially if the person squatting your account is a trusted person.

Otherwise, or simply if you want to annoy someone close to you, you can instantly decide to disconnect the affected device. A well-thought-out evolution of the “Disconnect all your devices” feature already available, but not selective enough. From now on, you are guaranteed to remain in control of your account.

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