Sean Connery, Hollywood’s leading spy

Sean Connery, Hollywood’s leading spy



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Two years ago, Sean Connery, the actor who will forever be Mr. Bond, died at the age of 90. So how did he become the embodiment of Her Majesty’s Agent 007? Who was the man? Portrait.

In a tuxedo like on the beach, Sean Connery had a devastating eyebrow and he knew how to take care of his entrances. It was the role of James Bond that made him famous. The actor was born in a poor area of ​​Edinburgh (Scotland)of a maintenance worker mother and a worker father. He chained the odd jobs: milk delivery man, sailor and even varnished coffins before entering the Mr. Universe competition. It was only 32 years old that he became his majesty’s spy in the first James Bond.

Become a world icon, he gets tired of playing spies at the end of the sixth Bond. He then toured with Alfred Hitchcock, Jean-Jacques Annaud and Steven Spielberg. In 1987, he received an Oscar for his role in The incorruptibles and is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He was married to Michelle Roquebrune, a French artist, for 45 years. It was with her that he died on October 20, 2020.

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