Search apartment or house: viewers ulcerated by the broadcast episode

Search apartment or house: viewers ulcerated by the broadcast episode

On November 22, many of them chose not to watch the first match of the Blues against Australia, preferring to dream in front of the goods offered by Stéphane Plaza and his comrades from Search apartment or house. Suffice to say that they were surprised by the following events…

This November 22, TF1 broadcast the first competitive match for the Blues. The latter faced the Australians. And if many French were massed in front of the first channel hoping for the victory of the team led by the controversial captain Hugo Llorismany others had chosen to boycott the sporting event, in particular out of a desire to support human rights and the LGBTQ+ cause that is being abused in the host country. Others, simply not addicted to football, had decided to avoid the TV-beer-football atmosphere plunging with delight in a new episode of the M6 ​​real estate show, Search apartment or house with Stéphane Plaza and Sandra Viricel. Alas, first disappointment, at 9:30 p.m. the program had still not started, and that was only the first of the disappointments. After a few minutes of broadcasting, the faithful of the show realized that the young first-time nurse and the retired couple were extremely familiar to them. It was therefore necessary to face the facts, they were faced with a replay of the program, and not an unpublished …

Internet users wind up in front of the broadcast episode

What to boil with rage, those who had waited for nothing, this program so appreciated and who felt cheated by the chain. On social networks, Internet users who were surprised were not kind to M6. “Well, I’m changing the channel, a shame, M6 to rebroadcast those we’ve already seen”, “Go back to TF1”, “but it’s a replay, I’ve already seen this house!”, “9:34 p.m. and Search apartment or house only begins. Well, I’m going to bed, there are some who get up early incidentally, thank you M6“, “This what the M6 ​​idea? Start at the same time as the end of the match for the audience? Some people don’t care about football!“, “Hit: we’re working tomorrow, please put the programs on time it’s a shame really, to fuck us sh*t housekeeping scene before” they were offended, very many, on Twitter. For the competing channels of TF1, the coming weeks promise to be as long as they are tense…

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