season 2 of this Netflix series is really struggling to get through to viewers

season 2 of this Netflix series is really struggling to get through to viewers

It’s the cold shower for this Netflix series. Barely released on the streaming platform, season 2 of this fiction is being lit on social networks by subscribers.

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No one imagined such terrible returns. After a first season rather well received by critics and the public, season 2 of Vikings: Walhalla was particularly anticipated on Netflix. But here it is: barely put online on the platform this Thursday, January 12, the series has been lit on social networks like Twitter, and Internet users are not going easy on it. A blow for the universe of the series vikingswhich were, for the moment, all successful.

“An insult to the first seasons of vikings

As you can see if you type Vikings: Walhalla on Twitter, since yesterday, Internet users are bent on the series, which they do not consider up to par. An unrestrained anger provoked by the difference in level observed compared to the previous season and the original series. Thus, we can read on the platform tweets like: “In all the history of series, is there a series more lame than Vikings: Walhalla ? I do not think so. What an insult to the first seasons of vikings…”, “I’m not feeling well this second season of Vikings: Walhalla, something went out.” Most viewers also confessed to having completely forgotten the events of the first season and seem completely lost: “I don’t remember anything Vikings: Walhalla S1 lol.”

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A season 3 already ordered

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the series Vikings: Walhallait is a spin-off of Vikings. In this spin-off series, the first season of which was unveiled on February 25, 2022, the Vikings Leif and Freydis Eriksson return to avenge their people massacred by the English. If season 2 promised to be bloody and full of twists and turns after a first part which laid the foundations of the universe, it did not seduce the fans, who find it boring and without stake. This is the first time that a season of the universe vikings received such a hostile reception. Despite these criticisms, Vikings: Walhalla should still be entitled to new episodes since Netflix announced that there would be a season 3 last March in a tweet.

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