Second prize for Water Tour of the Solar System

Second prize for Water Tour of the Solar System

After winning the Hubert-Reeves Youth Award in the spring, Pierre Chastenay and Thom won the Teen Award for La science se livre, an initiative of the Hauts-de-Seine department in France.

Published in autumn 2021 in a short edition, Guided tour of the solar system represents the solar system as the title suggests, thanks to a story that is as friendly as it is educational. A family of extraterrestrials therefore visit our solar system, guided by Stella, a young earthling completely devoted to these curious tourists. We discover the Sun and planets, moons and dwarf planets, asteroids and comets that inhabit our visible space. It is fortunate that Pierre Chastenay, astronomer, professor and presenter, among others, is also an excellent popularizer of science. He conveys his knowledge clearly and simply, and his documentary will surely appeal to parents and novice astronauts! All happily illustrated by Thom, who clearly had fun adding his personal touch. A phenomenal book that deserves all the praise!

science brings is actually a festival, which this year takes place from January 28 to February 18, and which takes place throughout the Hauts-de-Seine territory in 150 scientific gatherings, in the form of workshops, conferences, escape games or exhibitions, all for the youngest and the oldest . The festival is in its 27th yeare edition and won three literary awards, namely the Jury Award, intended for books for adults, the Award for teenagers and the Audience Award. Teenager Prize finalists are entrusted to the care of a jury and three college classes. It comes with a stipend of 3,500 euros (about 5,085 USD) to be shared by two Quebecers.

Other finalists were:

How do we know the earth is round? And other questions about the great discoveries (and mistakes) of scienceBaptiste Massa, Raphaël Martin and Olivia Sautreuil (Bayard)

A million oysters on top of a mountainAlex Nogués and Miren Asiain Lora (Elephants)

tiny kingdomsAnne Jankéliowitch and Isabelle Simler (La Martinière)

Garden of microbiotaKatie Brosnan (Milan)

The winner of the jury award is The seaweed revolution, by Vincent Doumeizel, published by Éditions des Equateurs. The prize will be announced to the public during the festival.

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