Secrets on the… list of Jean-Baptiste Croce

Secrets on the… list of Jean-Baptiste Croce

His readers, admirers or detractors, always recognized the accuracy of observations and the audacity of the journalist from Bastia who also collaborated with the famous Radio Corsica International in its beginnings. IN “In all trusts”, our colleague, the president of the Italian Film Festival in Bastia, gathers fifty-three chronicles published in “Week”, week of “Corse-Matin”, between February 2021, the date of his retirement, and the end of 2022.

In this book, the author gives us an original and curious look at cultural news in all its diversity: cinematography, especially Corsican, music, art, literature, but also certain social facts that create controversies such as the MeToo movement, the excess of Wokism, snobbery regarding popular culture. and the terrible artistic purges raging in Iran and Russia. ” After more than 30 years of journalism, I can tell you that in the world of media and publishing, one of the roles I envy the most is that of columnist » explained Bati Croce. ” The reason is simple. In fact it is carried out with complete freedom of tone and expression, allowing the person holding the pen to be irreverent, acerbic, witty, light, playful, sassy. ».

“Discovering unusual stories”
You will understand, nice, that is rare. One of the few who benefited from this pardon is his great friend, now deceased: René Viale. ” The goal of this book is to capture moments of life, tell small contemporary or past stories, discover unusual stories and see the world as it is, without losing the critical spirit. » emphasizes the author.

« In October 2022, I decided to respond positively to the proposal of the new Corsican publishing house Musanostra, which wanted to collect my newspaper chronicles. Editor Marie-France Bereni-Canazzi let me know that this witty game was worth the candle because my articles were so many small windows into our time, our region, our history and our feelings, from the most intimate to the most universal. ».

Beautifully adopting mischievous gravitas, Bati Croce captures the zeitgeist by adapting to a wide variety of themes. “With this in mind, I did not hesitate to apostrophize the writer Angelo Rinaldi for his diatribe about Corsica published in Le Figaro, and to condemn the cabal against the English director Ken Loach wrongly accused of anti-Semitism says JB Croce. ” I also painted unusual portraits such as those of the exorcist of the Church in Corsica, this former refugee from Laos who became the president of the Corsican Chess League and this forgotten writer from Bastia who won the Prix Goncourt in 1905. I also wanted to tell untold stories like the legend of the Liz Taylor diamond born in the small village of Guarguale in southern Corsica, the song “Pénélope” written by Georges Brassens for the Corsican resistance fighter Noëlle Vincensini, Balzac’s bad mood after his “unbearable” stay in Ajaccio or even the stolen documents Céline that would be hidden on the island and the erotic treasures of the Prelà library ».

If these “Settiman” chronicles are reproduced in full, some have been slightly edited to remove the sometimes too journalistic aspect. ” I’ve also added some text on some as I’m not limited to the 3700 characters imposed on newspapers »

In this book, an ideal gift to celebrate the end of the year, Jean-Baptiste Croce avoids all dogmatism. Its sole aim is to enable readers to have a pleasant time reading. And trust for trust: that’s success!

So to conclude Bati, maybe a little trust for CNI? This 35th edition of the Italian Film Festival? ” It will be very nice. Hell of a festival, very eclectic with many guests… With full confidence.. Robin Renucci will be the best man».

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“In all confidence” (Musanostra Edizione, 238 pages, 17 euros) is on sale exclusively at the bookstore “Alma” in Bastia. The dedication will take place this Wednesday, December 14 at 5 p.m.

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