Serge Lama swings on the mistress of a famous singer

Serge Lama swings on the mistress of a famous singer

At 79 years old and nearly 60 years of career, Serge Lama, will offer his fans a latest albums entitled To like and released last October.

The opportunity for the artist to talk about the main theme of this opus, namely love.

Moreover, in the columns of our colleagues from West Francethe interpreter of “I’m sick” talked about his private life and his relationship with Luana Santonino, his companion for many years.

The singer has dedicated a few tracks to him like I make love to you like a woman. “Because there are also more subtle, more refined ways of making love. I talk about this avoiding vulgarity of course, it’s a song from the mouth”explained the main interested party.

And in front of the cameras seven to eight on TF1the famous lyricist continued his confidences and his attempts to seduce the fairer sex. “I had written a notebook of poems to a young girl and she threw it in my face”indicated the one who does not define himself as a seducer. “I needed this love of women like the stage.”

He also slipped a big reveal into the pages of TV Star among the many relationships he made throughout his life. “I was lucky during my sexual and love life. Suzanne Gabriello, who was Brel’s mistress, taught me things about sex”.

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