Serge Lama: who are the 3 women who counted in his life?

Serge Lama: who are the 3 women who counted in his life?

2023 marks the sixty-year career of Serge Lama. On this occasion, France 3 broadcasts this Friday, January 27, in the second part of the evening, a documentary by Mireille Dumas baptized Serge Lama, life to madness. The 79-year-old singer delivers uncompromisingly on his musical successes, but also speaks of loveand especially womenwhich he has sung throughout his career. During his life, Serge Lama had three great loves : Liliane Benelli, Michele Potier and Luana Santoni.

At the start of his career, the performer of the title Woman, Woman, Woman was in a relationship with Liliane Benelli, a pianist who notably collaborated with Barbara. But, their love story will take a tragic turn. The young woman died on August 12, 1965 in a car crash. Present in the vehicle, Serge Lama will learn of the death of Liliane Benelli on her hospital bed, a month and a half after the events. Still today, the singer feels guilt and never forgot his first love: “I felt responsible, because I was the one who insisted that she be the pianist for the program with Marcel Amont. If I hadn’t insisted, she might not have come with me in the car.”he said in October 2021 on the set of Can’t wait for Sunday.

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Serge Lama has been married twice

Subsequently, Serge Lama has long been in a relationship with Michèle Potier. If at first they were lovers, their romantic relationship was finally formalized in 1971. “I had met Michèle in 1969, in Chamonix, through a friend. My crush on her was immediate.even if she was as discreet and shy as I myself was exuberant at the time”told the artist to Paris Match. Together they have one child, Fredericin 1981, then married in 1991. During these years of marriage, Serge Lama was repeatedly unfaithful. “We had established a modus vivendi with Michèle. I’m sorry that I probably made him sadhe confessed to Telestar in December 2022. Michèle Potier died of a stroke at the age of 71 in 2016.


Serge Lama is now in a relationship with Luana Santonino. This woman, who is 35 years younger than the singer, was first his assistant before starting a love affair with him. This romance began during his marriage to Michèle Potier, and materialized before the mayor, on February 11, 2022. “I’ve been with Luana for almost twenty years and I thought, ‘I don’t know when I’m going to leave… Can I leave this woman like this? Without giving her my name? No, it was not possible. Luana Santonino was to be called Lamaconfided Serge Lama to Paris Match in 2021.


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