Sergio Agüero opens up about disputed celebrations —

Sergio Agüero opens up about disputed celebrations —

Argentina did not celebrate the victory at the World Cup with finesse. After beating France in the final, the Albiceleste were very spacious compared to the Blues and France. Celebrations that did not go unnoticed, and which also caused controversy. Among the people who were able to experience this celebration from the inside, we find Sergio Agüero in particular. And the latter gave some details about what happened.

Lionel Messi paid a nice tribute to his friend Sergio Agüero, who was forced to end his professional career due to health problems. Sports icon

“I was caught by alcohol twice”

So Sergio Agüero admitted that he drank a lot of alcohol in the dressing room to celebrate Argentina’s victory. “I drank a lot, but I didn’t eat, that’s why it hit me” he joked in the remarks he made ole. “We were world champions. (…) I was so good, so happy. And because I was happy, alcohol hit me twice.”

The former Manchester City striker also spoke about Lionel Messi’s behavior. Pulga would reprimand former Atlético striker who drank too much alcohol for his taste. “At one point Leo Messi got angry, he told me ‘stop'” he assured. “What do you mean by stop? We are world champions”then the striker, now retired, would answer.

Funny anecdote of Sergio Agüero

On the pitch, Sergio Agüero had the opportunity to celebrate this victory with the players Albiceleste. In particular, the video shows the former Skyblues forward lifting Lionel Messi on his shoulders. A gesture that could have caused him injury. “I was lifting the best in the world. But I had a lot of pain in my back”admitted Sergio Agüero. “When I picked him up, I said to myself: ‘Shit, he’s heavy’. (…) At one point I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t even turn around. If I had, I would have ended up in the hospital. He understood that because I looked, we exchanged glances. ‘Okay, you’re the world champion, but I have a pain in my back,’ I told him.”

Finally, Sergio Aguero spoke about lifting the World Cup trophy. – She is heavy, one and a half kilos!he detailed. – I had it for 15 minutes, and after that my arm hurt. However, the trophy is still easier than some others. “The Europa League cup weighs 15 kilograms, it’s crazy! The one from the Champions League 8”.

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