Shanna Kress in 2023: “New year, new girl”!

Shanna Kress in 2023: “New year, new girl”!

By Camille Mutin

– Published on 01 Jan 2023 at 17:30

What an emotional end to the year for Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas. The young mother confides at the dawn of 2023.

On November 20, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas welcomed their first child, a little boy named Loüka. The young mother suffered a lot during her pregnancy, and was eager to hold her son in her arms. At the time of delivery, Jonathan was however very afraid for his companion: ” When you hold your wife for several hours, in tears, when you see her in pain, screaming… It’s scary (…) To be honest with you, it’s when I held her, she tore my arm off, ‘she wanted to bite me, that I realized that in fact, that’s it, she was going to give us a son. I realized the effort, the sacrifices, the pain she had to endure to give this gift » . Since giving birth, Shanna has regained her smile, as well as her dream figure! At the dawn of 2023, the young mother confides in her new role, and her new life.

Shanna Kress, “I take my role as a mom so much to heart”

Throughout her pregnancy, Shanna Kress didn’t really feel that innate maternal instinct. Which can be completely normal! Bedridden until delivery, the young woman suffered a lot, and even hated being pregnant; seeing all these changes in her body, the pain, the hormones etc… But since birth, the young mother says she is overwhelmed, and it shows! On this January 1, Shanna takes the floor to confide in the best year of her life.

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On Instagram, Shanna Kress says: ” Happy New Year everyone ! New year, new girl. Mom for a new life! I love and take my role as a mom so much to heart. Petit Loüka proved to me that even if I never had the maternal instinct, today it is there. And he comes first. I who have always refused all my life and who didn’t like pregnancy so much. Like what ! Even my mother told me ‘Alicia mom wow we couldn’t believe it’. Anyway, here it is, like what life is full of surprises and even wonderful surprises. We are so happy » . We wish a lot of happiness to the new parents. Stay connected.

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