“She arrived with her breasts in the air”: Nicolas Waldorf attacks Loana again

“She arrived with her breasts in the air”: Nicolas Waldorf attacks Loana again

Ever since she got a makeover as part of the show Incredible Transformations on M6, Loana is not getting angry and has declared war on the show’s hairdresser, Nicolas Waldorf. The sharp-tongued hair expert responded to the attacks this Wednesday, November 2, in The Morning without filter by Guillaume Genton.

These two will not grow old together. Few months ago, Loana had agreed to participate in the M6 ​​makeover show Incredible Transformations. But while the broadcast of the show was highly anticipated, it was revealed that it would not have ultimately never take place. Loana, vexed by the experience, felt that the makeover was a “disaster”. Passed through the hands of Nicolas Waldorf, she did not appreciate her hair makeover.

While the star hairdresser proudly asserted that he had perfectly succeeded in his missionLoana had no words harsh enough to evoke this Berezina. There followed several stormy episodes where Nicolas Waldorf and the winner of History of the loft exchanged venomous remarks about each other on the Web. Sacred icon but sacred liar had attacked the hairdresser who, tired of criticism, had decided to reveal the pictures of the session. An affront still not digested by boars new best friendwho still recently had affirmed in the emission At Jordan’s What the expert had “screwed up” her hair.

Two rooms, two atmospheres

Determined to defend his offended dignity, the star hairdresser spoke this Wednesday, November 2 in the Morning without filter by Guillaume Genton. “Shouldn’t the fact that she doesn’t like it be a compliment?he wondered revealing that Jean-Edouard’s ex-pool partner arrived on set saying: “I was born cagole, I will die cagole”. He then remembered the thunderous arrival of Loana on the set.

“She arrived the day of the show, she had the same jumpsuit as when she left the Loft, the bleached blonde color, 75 cm extensions, with the breasts in the air, good concretely… It’s not for clashing but hey when she says to me “I don’t like, I don’t like“, at one point I can understand that what we did is a shockwe chic-ified her, she was in a cream suit, she had the little square, the nuanced blond, the contouring…” Nicolas Waldorf has, in any case, found an ally in the person of Diane Leyre. Miss France has indeed revealed to have personally found it “very beautiful” at the end of the makeover, no doubt nothing to change Loana’s mind…

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