“She is very beautiful”: Gad Elmaleh sends a tender message to his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Casiraghi (ZAPTV)

“She is very beautiful”: Gad Elmaleh sends a tender message to his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Casiraghi (ZAPTV)

Saturday November 5, 2022, Gad Elmaleh was Léa Salamé’s guest on the show What an era!broadcast on France 2. During this interview, the comedian mentioned his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Casiraghi, to whom he sent a nice compliment.

The new talk show hosted by Lea Salame at his best. Saturday, November 5, What an era! gathered 1.11 million viewersi.e. 12.6% market share. For the occasion, a host of guests made the trip. On the cinema side, two actors were present: Monica Bellucci and Gad Elmaleh. The first came to talk about two roles of iconic women that she embodies, Maria Callas and Anita Ekberg, one in the theater and the other in the cinema. The second came to present his new film entitled Stay a bitan autobiographical feature film that celebrates the beauty of Catholicism. During the evening, Gad Elmaleh – who recently converted to Christianity – spoke with Frederic Lenoirprolific essayist interested in spirituality in all its forms. Alongside the two actors, viewers of France 2 were also able to discover the LFI deputy Clementine Autainrappers’ favorite pianist Sofiane Pamart and Flora Nicolvictim of the multi-recidivist rapist Patrick Trémeau, who came to talk about his book My cachet letters.

Gad Elmaleh talks about his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Casiraghi

In full promotional tour for the release of his new film entitled Stay a bitGad Elmaleh confided in Léa Salamé on the show What an era! Saturday November 5, the comedian notably mentioned his ex-girlfriend, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi. Both had a nice love story from 2011 to 2015. From their union was born a son, Raphaël, who came into the world in December 2013.

Whereas Christophe Dechavanne asked the actor about the veracity of an anecdote concerning the meeting between Prince Albert and his mother, a photo of Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh was projected on the screen. “You have a pretty look when you look at her”pointed out Léa Salamé. “I find this photo very beautiful”then replied Gad Elmaleh, before adding that the Princess of Monaco was also “very beautiful”. A nice compliment.

Lea Salame

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