“She pisses me off”: strong tensions between Marc Lavoine and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C à Vous (ZAPTV)

“She pisses me off”: strong tensions between Marc Lavoine and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C à Vous (ZAPTV)

Marc Lavoine’s nerves were strained this Tuesday, December 13 on the set of C to you. The singer who came to promote his latest film, The Little Piafhad a slight clash with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

Marc Lavoine is back. The singer recently unveiled a new opus, titled Adult never. To defend it, the former companion of Line Papin made a notable appearance on the radio show of Bernard Montiel, one hour with. In an excerpt released by Gala long before the show hit the airwaves, the singer a pronounced a sentence that did not go unnoticed at allquite the contrary. “Stop busting my ass”said the singer of the song She has piercing eyes. A highly commented speech which unfortunately has no explanation. Far from being disconcerted by what he had just heard, the columnist of Do not touch My TV continued his interview, as if nothing had happened. And this Tuesday, December 13, on the set of the show C to you, Marc Lavoine once again surprised the columnistsbut also Internet users by his attitude a bit disparaging, on France 5.

Marc Lavoine and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine settle their account

Marc Lavoine was accompanied by Gérard Jugnot to promote the feature film The Little Piaf, to discover at the cinema from next Wednesday, December 21. The story is that of Nelson, a 10-year-old Reunionese who dreams of becoming a singer. His family then calls on a coach (Marc Lavoine) whose career is at half mast, to help him become a great artist. And before discussing his role as an actor in more detail, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had an attitudewhich, it seems, strongly displeased the former member of the jury of The voice. And he was quick to tell her. “I speak to you on the air, because, off the air, I speak to you and you do not answer me. I took four winds. I said to myself: ‘She’s pissing me off, I must have done something’he lamented in the face of the TV host who tried to justify herself as best as she could. “Marc, but not at all, never in my life. It’s just that I’m being harassed with directions, we’re late”she regretted. Insufficient justification for the singer, whose sensitivity has been hurt. “Late because of me? But I didn’t say anything”he continued, before concluding on a softer note: “I love you very much, so it hurt me… I gave you 4-5 poles”he drooled. Resentful, Marc Lavoine? Maybe…

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