“She was the one who told me”: Dorothée “unhappy”, the sad secrets of one of her relatives (Zaptv)

“She was the one who told me”: Dorothée “unhappy”, the sad secrets of one of her relatives (Zaptv)

Passing through the show Chez Jordan this Friday, January 20, Gérard Majax revealed that he had crossed paths with Dorothée, by chance, a few years ago. The former star host would then have made him sad secrets about his state of mind…

The big return of Dorothée on television? Fans have been dreaming about it for many years. It must be said that she hosted some of the most cult shows of the PAF, including Recreate A2 or even the Dorothee Club. Every day, accompanied by her faithful acolytes Jacky, Ariane CarlettiFrancois Corbier and Patrick Simpsons-Jones, the one who is actually called Frédérique Hoschedé presented cartoons, television series, sitcoms, games and other programs for children. But since the late 1990s and the end of his cult show – whose audience scores were always satisfactory -, the 69-year-old host is very discreet in the media.

Apart from a few passages on television sets, not Can’t wait for Sunday and Do not touch My TVJacky’s former sidekick no longer appears on our screens. A situation that she would live rather badly to believe her friend Gérard Majax. Passing by on the set of At Jordan’s this Friday, January 20he revealed that he ran into her a few years ago at a concert at the Palais des Congrès and barely recognized her…”She had brown hair and was a little fatter, I didn’t recognize her at all“, he confided in all sincerity.

Dorothée dreams of returning to television

That day, Dorothée and Gérard Majax would have had the opportunity to discuss and the protegee of Jean-Luc Azoulay would have whispered to her that she was not fulfilled in her new life, far from the spotlight. She is unhappy not to do television again! She is unhappy to stay at home, even if she has the means to enjoy it, she does not like it at all to no longer be involved in creation because he is a person who has always loved to create. She told me”revealed the illusionist to Jordan Deluxe.

Gérard Majax is however categorical on one point: Dorothée may dream of a return to television, she is not willing to accept just any project! Tired of her image as an eternal friend of the youngest, the one who would have married in secret dream of a program contrary to what she has been able to do so far. A good hearer!

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