Sherlock (the series) is waiting for one thing to make its big comeback

Sherlock (the series) is waiting for one thing to make its big comeback

The creator of Sherlock does not rule out the possibility of bringing the iconic duo back for new adventures. When will we see 221B Baker Street again?

If there’s one series that fans are eagerly awaiting the return of, it’s sherlock. After four successful seasons, the free adaptation of the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had bowed out on the BBC in 2017. While the screenwriters hoped to be able to continue to explore the journey of Doctor Watson and his friend a bit neurotic , the ambitions of the two actors had put a stop to the project. The fourth season had also ended on a huge cliffhanger, which will never have been able to obtain a resolution on our screens.

Yet all the stars are aligned. In full promotion of his play, the screenwriter obviously lingered on his last two successes to date. He thus confided that he was ready to resume “starting tomorrow Sherlock’s writing” if the actors wanted to. Nevertheless, it seems quite compromised. They are both very busy investing in the big screen, and do not seem ready to put the short on the small yet. Steven Moffat does not refrain from sending them a last call: “They’re busy with better and bigger things, but please, Martin and Benedict, come back!”

A new success to his credit

But Steven Moffat is not patiently waiting for the return of the prodigal sons. The creator has not been idle in 2022 since he was writing and creating Inside the man at Netflix. Carried by Stanley Tucci, the thriller followed a prisoner sentenced to death who is given the mission of solving investigations from his cell. He helps a young British journalist find her suddenly missing friend.

Unveiled in early September on Netflix, the series was a dazzling success upon its release. It had quickly established itself as one of the most popular productions of the season. While only one season was on the program, Steven Moffat confides that a second burst of episodes is currently under consideration. He indicated on the set of BBC Today “We look at the numbers with enthusiasm. Apparently, Inside Man did pretty well.” Moffat, on the other hand, does not yet advance on the future which will be reserved for production, especially at a time when Netflix cancels its series lustily.

“We don’t get the hearings the next day, now it’s a month later than that.” The first discussions have nevertheless begun. We can expect the next few weeks to be decisive for Inside the man. With only 4 episodes on the clock, it probably does not count in the most budget-intensive productions, so we can hope that this weighs in the balance.

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