Shirley and Dino “in a retirement home”: the amazing confidences of the two comedians

Shirley and Dino “in a retirement home”: the amazing confidences of the two comedians

Shirley and Dino have taken unpaid leave. If they formed one of the show’s most famous duos The biggest cabaret in the world, moderated by Patrick Sébastien in the 2000s, these two colorful characters were shelved. Or at least their costumes. For as far as their interpreters are concerned, it was never a question of disappearing, nor of separating. In an interview given to Provence in August 2022, Corinne and Gilles Bénizio, who now prefer devote himself to directing and operahad given their news. The soul of Shirley and Dino is there but the characters, their costumes, the Vichy dress is over“, they confided, before explaining the reasons: “We didn’t want to anymore. We didn’t want to be less good and tire people. We played them for thirty years so we had done the rounds. We put them in a retirement home to do something else.”

And the legendary duo to underline : “Now we have time to do opera and we like it a lot. We like to stage, it changes. For example, we staged Platée by Rameau, we had recreated Sleeping Beauty, a ballet that we put back in our own way with our favorite conductor, Hervé Niquet.“If they’re done with Shirley and Dino, their audience is always thereas they have seen throughout their performances: “We, we feel like we’re continuing in the same vein, refining what we were doing, improving it and making it more accessible. Making opera humor accessible is no small feat. There is a lot of humor in our shows, even if they are very classic operas“, had observed Corinne and Gilles Bénizio, in the pages of Provence, last summer.

A duo that now belongs “to the past”

Asked by our colleagues about the hypothesis of a return, even punctual, of Shirley and DinoCorinne and Gilles Bénizio were very clear: “For us, Shirley and Dino, it’s over, it’s in the past“, assured the two artistspreferring to devote themselves to their new projects. “Today we look to the future, we have fun in a different way. We do other things and we also wait for requests because it’s always interesting to go on projects that we haven’t imagined and others that we have planned.“, they claimed, willing to work togetheras they always have. A way of implying that they didn’t close any doors and that they could well be where you don’t expect them…

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