Should we believe “La Petite Menteuse” by Pascale Robert-Diard?

Should we believe “La Petite Menteuse” by Pascale Robert-Diard?

Ju reads the words, blogger etc contribution reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you Little liar Pascale Robert-Diard, published on August 18, 2022 by Éditions Iconoclast.

His favorite quote:

Ah! Wonderful witnesses! Even when they don’t know anything, they find something to say, said Alisa annoyed. Once again she felt the true words of Erri de Luca. “Learning about a period through court documents is like studying the stars by looking at their reflection in a pond.”

Why this book?

  • Because novelist and legal columnist, Pascale Robert-Diard talentedly immerses us in the procrastination of Alice, the lawyer, who decides to support Lisa, the little liar.
  • Because on the first date, Lisa goes back to the beginning her stories, when she was 15 years old. She talks about her family, the divorce, the impression of providence, she is uncomfortable in her own skin, until the day her breasts develop to such an extent that she is, at the same time, uncomfortable and more interesting with boys. Ambivalence leaves her with a bitter taste, but for the first time she feels wanted, appreciated by all those boys. Kisses, caresses, touches of the one she “falls for” but also of others, who filmed her without her knowing it…
  • Because it is a novel about justice, but also on his excesses, on the words of the victims and their consideration, but above all on the courage to go against the current of taboos in our society. The author makes the reader think about the character of the victim, and manages to make us understand Lisa’s choice.
  • Because the truth is not always what we imagine, the lie becomes the common thread of this novel, with its consequences but also the reasons the author tries to disassemble the cogs.
  • Because the author presents another victim and signs a novel of rare psychological intensity, establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between the failure of justice, affect and the lack of judicial hindsight. She sticks to the facts, and if we can blame her for the lack of emotion, it is precisely this distance that makes the plea even more touching, thanks to the precise pen, where every word counts.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. Alice Keridreux, the lawyer is contacted by Lisa Charvet, 20, who wants to change lawyers – the woman would surely understand her much better at the trial than Marco Lange, the worker convicted of rape, addresses her.

Characters. Lisa at 15 years old. Lisa at 20. Alice, the lawyer chosen by Lisa because she is a woman. Lisa’s parents and everyone around Lisa. Those with good intentions, those who see no evil and those who think they are doing the right thing for her.

Places. A small town in the region.

Time. Right now.

Author. Pascale Robert-Diard was a legal columnist for Le Monde for twenty years. She is especially an author Laying (L’Iconoclaste), shortlisted for Prix Femina.

This book was read with greed and interest in the sum total of knowledge of the judicial system, in the excesses of #MeToo, in the chiseled pen, in the breathtaking pleading. But especially because of the reflection that this book brings about the implications of each other, social networks, views on our society.

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