Simon Olivier Fecteau shuts down a troll who insults him about the Bye bye

Simon Olivier Fecteau shuts down a troll who insults him about the Bye bye

While the Bye bye 2022 was broadcast on Saturday evening, many Internet users had good comments about the various sketches of this popular end-of-year review. However, a user saw fit to write directly in private to Simon Olivier Fecteau simply to insult him. The one behind the annual show responded tit for tat and shared the post, which has since gone viral.

“For real, the comments are really good so far, but I also received this one,” shared Simon Olivier Fecteau.

The message is as follows: “I can confirm that your Bye Bye sucked for another year. I didn’t even have the semblance of a smile… It’s unbelievable that a little c*liss gang of MTL upstarts paid with our money who shits and laughs at Éric Duhaime, for 5 minutes for having forgotten to pay $2,000 in taxes but not even a word about the CAQ which gave out 17 billion contracts without a call for tenders, not even a semblance of illusion about that… We don’t spit the hand that feeds us hen my little upstart!?! ?! “.

“In other words, you listened to it all!” Thank you ! “, simply replied the main interested party. That is simple, direct, polite, and perfect!

Here are some reactions to his post:

“The positive side, it’s one more listener in the ratings (always see the positive everywhere)”

“Invite him to write a sketch for the next bye bye where it will be specified that it was written by him with his photo and a link to his Facebook”

“It looks suspiciously like a summary of Duhaime’s Twitter post about the Bye Bye! »

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