Singer Vianney announces that he will no longer tour “for a few years”

Singer Vianney announces that he will no longer tour “for a few years”

He had announced to the Parisian to have prepared his third album, released during confinement, “as if it were the last”. If he should not put an end to his musical career, the French singer Vianney however announced, this Sunday, on social networks, that he would no longer tour for several years.

“I have had the most intense months of my life; so I decided not to tour for a few years, “he wrote in a message posted on his Instagram account, accompanied by an equivocal photo where we can see him, from behind, waving to the crowd during a concert.

The 31-year-old Pallois, the energetic jury of the telecrochet The Voice on TF1nevertheless assures in the same message that these “100 concerts filled me with happiness”. Before wanting to reassure his fans, excluding any end of career. “I will send you songs regularly, I promise. The next one will be released on January 20, ”he assures, while wishing a happy new year and thanking his “friends” (the fans).

Already an allusion to his end of career in 2021

The singer-songwriter had already scared his audience in an interview given to the program Sept à Huit in March 2021. He then revealed that he had already thought about the end of his career. “I know it will even stop for good soon, I can feel it. The day I will have children, I will not want to keep this rhythm, of a singer’s life. I will just have to find the balance to continue doing things that I love but also having enough time and presence for the people I love, ”he confided.

Faced with the wave of concern that these words had caused, he had to deny any early end to his career. “Friends, it is not because I often question myself, it is true, about my future that I will abandon you. That’s something I’ll never do (…) It’s true that I won’t abandon you, ”he said on Tik Tok.

After having touched many French people with his title “Beau-papa” intended for his daughter-in-law, the singer of the hit “Pas là” had experienced the joy of being the father of a little boy born in October 2021. The winner of two Victoires de la Musique (2016 and 2017), who has sold hundreds of thousands of albums, recently returned to the limelight with his duet “Call on me” with Ed Sheeran.

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