Slayer’s Kerry King Pays Tribute to Dave Mustaine (and Comments on Early Metallica)

Slayer’s Kerry King Pays Tribute to Dave Mustaine (and Comments on Early Metallica)

The “Big Four” of Thrash Metalto know Metallic, Megadeth, Killer and Anthraxplayed a huge role in the spread of Metal.

In a new interview with metal hammerFormer Slayer guitarist Kerry King says he saw Metallica in the early 80s, when Dave Mustaine was still in the band, and says it had a huge influence on him.

He says in particular: “They were great at that time. They were ahead of us by at least 16 months to a year. They were doing originals and we were still doing covers. I think we opened for Metallica with Mustaine, I can’t remember, but I know Dave Lombardo [batteur de Slayer] and I saw them at a club and we were blown away by Mustaine.”

Paying tribute to Mustaine, King adds: “Even today, he’s a fucking great guitarist. It was very impressive, it wasn’t in a big hall, you could see the stage from anywhere, and I was very loving to see Mustaine playing his crazy leads and James [Hetfield] play his crazy rhythms and bark his lyrics.”

He then pays tribute to Metallica, saying that their presence in the metal world of the time had a great influence on his own music: “Their music was way more extreme than anything I could imagine at the time, it was like another branch of metal, so to speak. We all appeared around the same time, but Metallica definitely influenced me.”

Slayer played their very last show on November 30, 2019 at the Forum in Los Angeles, marking the retirement of one of the most legendary thrash metal bands in history.

Moreover, King mentioned on several occasions that he believed that the departure of the group was “premature”. Since then he has been working on a new project which should be released soon.

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