Slimane representing France at Eurovision?

Slimane representing France at Eurovision?

He responds to this persistent rumor.

Slimane is part of favorite French singers todayi, and his rating has only gone up since his explosion following his victory in “The voice” (season 5). And he may well be one for a while, since he is omnipresent: jury of a tele-hook, star come to give a a helping hand to the students of the Star Academy, on stage with Vitaa (even though it’s over now), it’s everywhere, and it works every time. It is therefore normal that he was approached to represent France during Eurovision in 2023.

A persistent rumor, which he had already answered a few months agosaying : “the competitor in me craves it. Like I would like too much because I would like to win! And it’s still the second most viewed show in the world.”. He clearly stated that he it was one of his dreamsbut that he found that the way artists are ranked was sometimes questionableand that the best singers could end up at the bottom of the rankings if they didn’t come from the right country.

But since the choice of the artist who will represent France is known, the rumor has not stopped, far from it. I have to say that La Zarra is not necessarily unanimous with everyonebecause she is not French. But the Quebec singer is unanimous with Slimanewho declared at the microphone of RTL: “I think she’s cut out to be a great artist, so I think this competition you can win when you’re a great artist. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that La Zarra is able to touch people”.

He then confessed that he was approached to do it, and that he would love it, but that he had problems with the agenda. We must not forget that in addition to being a big ubiquitous star at the moment, he is also a dad. But he did not close the door to participation in the future! The rumor of Slimane at Eurovision should therefore come to an end, at least for this year:

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