Slimane: the cruel reactions of those around him when he announced his album project with Vitaa (ZAPTV)

Slimane: the cruel reactions of those around him when he announced his album project with Vitaa (ZAPTV)

Guest of the program A Sunday in the countryside, presented by Frédéric Lopez, on France 2, Slimane confided in his collaboration with Vitaa which “saved” him. Collaboration that caused a lot of talk when he announced it: “Everyone thought it was me who was going to pull her up”he said.

Slimane has always dreamed of being a singer. But he lived through many years of hardship before finding success. And even after. In 2016, he participated in the show The voiceafter having refused several times to pass in the telecrochet. “I was called from the first season, I did not want to do it, I told myself that it was not going to work, that I was not made for TV”he explained to Frederic Lopez in the show Sunday in the countrysidepresented by Frédéric Lopez, broadcast on Sunday 13 November. With his takeover ofBefore youof Vitaa, during the blind auditions, he captivated the coaches and the viewers.As soon as the show aired, my life changed. My phone bugs. I can’t open my apps at night because everyone is marking me, everyone is talking about this cover, this guy with his beanie. »

This is the beginning of glory for Slimane. “But, very strangely, instead of being super happy and living my best life, it scares me”he confessed, explaining: “All of a sudden, everything changes. Everyone loves you when no one calculates you. Everyone listens to your music, when no one was listening to you. In just one time, the obese kid from high school becomes the handsome kid of The Voice. It was inconsistent. I couldn’t realize that it was me, this singer who was in the process of achieving his dream. I took a long time to realize. To the point where for a very long time I was not happy with what was happening to me. » And it was his meeting with Vitaa that brought him ” Safe “.

She’s a singer from the early 2000s! »

But when Slimane unveiled its collaboration with Vitaathe reactions were cruel. “A lot of people when we announced this project said to me: ”Why are you doing a duet with Vitaa? She’s a singer from the early 2000s! Just because you covered her song doesn’t mean you have to make an album with her.” Many people, in the media, in my entourage. Everyone thought I was the one who was going to pull her up…” For him, it was the opposite: “I just needed someone to help me. She made me understand that in this job, there were ups and downs, that you could have a family life on the side. She taught me that perspective. » And Vitaa helped Slimane flourish in music.

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