Slipknot’s Clown Says Metal Band Plans To Stop Making Albums And Only Release Singles In The Future

Slipknot’s Clown Says Metal Band Plans To Stop Making Albums And Only Release Singles In The Future

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The seventh studio album by NooseThe End, So Far, released at the end of September, marks the band’s last release under their contract with Roadrunner Records and thus the conclusion of a period for the giants of the Nude Metal.

On this album, not only new stylistic paths have been explored, but the musicians have thought about what awaits them even more than usual, thus preparing for the future.

With the band now having the freedom to release their art as they see fit, it looks like it could be moving away from the traditional album release cycle.

In a new interview with NMEpercussionist Mr. Shawn “Clown” Crahan has confirmed that the band will officially be a fully independent entity on March 31, 2023.

Crahan, who co-leads the group behind the scenes alongside the frontman Corey Taylor for several years now, also has some tentative plans for what he will do with this newfound freedom.

Regarding this and a possible new strategy for releasing the band’s music, Crahan told the aforementioned publication: “I always thought, ‘What if Slipknot was big enough that we didn’t have to make albums?’ Let’s say Clown can convince you: ‘Hey, instead of waiting two years for 12 songs, I’m going to give you a song every month’. In reality, it is a year less for the same thing.”

“It will have to follow us in this adventure, but what I promise you is that there will be illustrations, accessories, merchandising, and that it will be cheaper than a normal individual song… And it will be passed through all the filters – it will have gone through the band, it will have gone through Corey Taylor, it will have gone through a mixing and mastering professional – nothing was truncated, that’s all that is usually done. And we want to do that because I think it’s time for you, our fans, to get the best out of it.”

According to Clown, “full albums will become a thing of the past” as “physical products become obsolete”.

He also thinks that the absence of a traditional label can pave the way for interesting collaborations and experimentations: “I always thought it would be interesting for our fans to know more about us. So if the Clown, Corey Taylor and Jim Root were all interested in playing with the best sitar player on the planet – and we would be because we’re artists – and we brought that person to our premises, and that this person adorned us with their art and taught us the sitar… If we could sit down and listen, and participate, and touch, smell and feel this vibration… Wouldn’t that be interesting?”

“Let’s say this sitar player is on a label and he has a manager – well shit, I’m gonna call him direct and he’s gonna have to talk to his label, and his label is gonna have to talk to my manager… [Quand c’est comme ça]we never get to work together; we never manage to make art. Being free, in this sense, gives us the freedom to explore deeper and more surreal opportunities to refine our craft; everybody wins.”

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