Snoop Dogg talks about his biggest stoned moment

Snoop Dogg talks about his biggest stoned moment

Once is not custom, Snoop Dogg will have shelled his passage in a podcast of a barely believable anecdote, evoking his biggest high.

Snoop Dogg caught at his own game?

Podcast guest Let’s go!the Snoop DO Double G talked about when he suffered his “biggest high”. And against all odds, this memory is attached on a jaunt with country legend Willie Nelson.

Both would have pushed their own limits on April 20, a date often used in North America as a reference to cannabis consumption: “It was with that fuckin’ Willie Nelson. We were in Amsterdam on April 20, he was playing a concert there. He was playing on the 19th, I on the 20th. We go to his hotel, to play dominoes. Wille vaped, he had a joint, I had a blunt, he had a pipe. So he and I are playing dominoes. He was kicking my ass, and I was getting more and more stoned. He passed it on to me all the time, and I was like, “That old bastard is holding up better than me,” and I try not to show any signs of weakness. After 15 minutes, I say, “Willie, let’s get something to eat.” We go to KFC, we’re in the back of the van, they order at the drive-thru, give us the order, and Willie and I stick our hands in the bucket at the same time. We grab the same piece of chicken, I look at it and say, “That’s yours, cuz ». »

It’s not the first time that To spy evokes the name of Willie Nelson, he had in 2018 affirmed that the celebrity was the only one to have taken the shock better than him after having smoked quantities that we image consequent….

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