Snoop Dogg typed his first rap lyrics

Snoop Dogg typed his first rap lyrics

Snoop Dogg would he have entered a nostalgic phase? Now 51, the veteran looks back on his beginnings.

Snoop Dogg: typewritten texts

Guest of 85 Southern Comedy Show, Snoop Dogg will therefore return at length to the beginnings of his career. In the process, he will admit to having typed his first rap texts on a typewriter. Even more surprisingly, the Snoop DO Double G will confirm that at the time, he mastered the tool rather well, borrowed from 2Scoops, member of the G-funk group The Dove Shack: “2Scoops was in the band, when I started writing my raps, I was using that n****’s typewriter. I was writing on paper, and it freaked me out, and the typewriter of this nigga allowed me to organize myself better. So I was like, “I’m going to type my stuff. » »

Going so far as to take typing lessons in order to be even more efficient in front of the machine, the Dogg will explain that he adopted an impressive rhythm, allowing him to type “65 words per minute” : “It’s something I learned in college where I was going. I was one of those students who had taken classes to learn how to work with wood, metal, classes to learn to type, and classes in economics. I took different classes. »

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