Some fans were offended by the rainbow featured on the Dark Side Of The Moon re-release

Some fans were offended by the rainbow featured on the Dark Side Of The Moon re-release

The 1973 studio album of pink floydThe Dark Side Of The Moon, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.

The Dark Side Of The Moon is an extraordinary musical work, which has had a considerable impact on the world of Rock a you Metal. Considered by many to be one of the best albums ever made, this record is something to celebrate, and the band won’t miss the opportunity.

Pink Floyd are planning a great re-release, and to kick off the festivities, the musicians have uploaded a new profile picture on social media, displaying the new logo their team created for the re-release in question.

This new logo takes the image of the prism from the 1973 album cover, as well as the cover’s iconic rainbow, and places them together in a new form (while also highlighting the number ” 50”). Nothing fancy.

However, there are people who objected to this logo. Indeed, some fans are convinced that the group tends to represent a reference to the LGBTQIA+ flag (when it is clear that this is not the case) and to become “woke”.

It’s hard to believe Pink Floyd fans could forget the rainbow on the original cover. However, the comments are full of such complaints (you can see a small excerpt below).

Fortunately, people came to explain to others that they were on the wrong track.

The re-release of Dark Side Of The Moon will come as a large deluxe box set, with plenty of content including the remastered album, a 5.1 mixed version and more.

Scheduled for March 24, 2023, pre-orders are already available in all the usual places.

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