Sophie Davant is attacked by her dog in full live in Affaire Conclue!

Sophie Davant is attacked by her dog in full live in Affaire Conclue!

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Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that presenters travel with their companions.

If you watch TV, you’ve no doubt already noticed that these stars can take to the set with their pet.

This was the case for Sophie Davant, his name is Raoul and he did not stop attacking her.

A live attack by his dog on France 2

Sophie Davant who was about to present Affaire Conclue was attacked by her dog. While she was facing the saleswoman, she asks her if she has any tips for small dogs to stop biting their calves.

Indeed, Raoul seemed to be unleashed on the set of Affaire Conclue.

This show is a real success and if you are not familiar with the concept, it may be wise to remind you. A person presents himself in the first part of the program, in particular to propose an object.

It is estimated and sent to the auction room. Buyers offer auctions if they are interested and they can then acquire the product more or less quickly.

Sometimes there are some pretty goofy situations like this, the little dog kept nibbling on the shoe while she was presenting the show. The auctioneer even decided to stop her expertise, in particular to show her that she was losing her shoe.

Indeed, the thong was undone, the dog could then unleash more easily. Sophie Davant specifies that she will necessarily give up her shoe so that the dog can leave her alone.

Sophie Davant has a bare foot on the set of Affaire Conclue

The dog was able to play with the shoe while the presenter of Affaire Conclue had a bare foot. The presenter even clarified that she was giving up since her faithful companion was far too determined.

The little doggie continued his little nonsense by biting the shoe.

With such a situation, viewers can then distract themselves more easily. In addition, Sophie Davant used the context to bring a bit of the unusual and it is always pleasant to have adventures of this kind.

It is currently impossible to know if she had the opportunity to recover a remedy so that this little dog could calm down.

If you have a small dog like a Jack Russel, you will probably encounter a similar situation, especially if it is young. He is a fairly dynamic doggie who likes to play.

It’s no surprise that he devours anything he can find like shoes. As a result, the misadventure of Sophie Davant has undoubtedly been experienced by many people in France or around the world.

How to train your dog?

It is advisable to inquire with a behaviorist or go to a puppy school.

You can then share your need and professionals will help you educate your dog.

A story that could have ended very badly…

This is not the first time that a television host has suffered an attack from an animal on a television set. Regarding the presenter of Affaire Conclut, Sophie Davant, all the viewers did not really understand the sequence that was broadcast! We all remember the horrible sequence by Marie-Ange Nardi a few decades ago, on France 3 where the presenter of the time could have been attacked in full live by a lion! At the time, the presenter had experienced a real drama live, even if she had not really shown it in front of the cameras of France Télévisions.

Of course, with regard to Sophie Frontthe proportions are very different, and fortunately… Who could have imagined how the presenter of the famous show would have reacted to such an attack? In any case, we can say that Sophie Davant knew how to keep her viewers spellbound! Indeed, even if the presenter was able to experience a real ordeal behind the scenes, it turns out that this could have increased the audiences of her show in a rather impressive way.

On the other hand, far from Sophie Davant the idea of ​​staging this whole story with a dog attack, as we have read here and there on social networks. If the host has always been quite close to the animal cause, we suspect that the sequence has been kept to show that everything went well in the endbut also to be able to silence all the false rumors that could have arrived on the web after the broadcast of the program in recent days!

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