“Speed ​​in the blood”: for lovers of speed, engines and gasoline

“Speed ​​in the blood”: for lovers of speed, engines and gasoline

Fans of acceleration races, purring engines and speeding cars at several hundred kilometers per hour will be served by watching the documentary series “Speed ​​in the blood” on the Vrai platform.

We meet the Landry family, a tightly knit clan from Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, in the Laurentians, who run on adrenaline with their ProMod modified cars, which require hours of preparation for a few seconds of speed. crazy on the track.

The Landrys introduce us to their universe, where gasoline still occupies a prominent place. The father, Nick “El Terminator”, who has a half-tattooed face, passed on his passion for speed to his six children, including his sons Max, 27, and Chris, 23, who are also runners. Tommy, 24, is interested in racing like the others, but he focuses on the family business, specializing in excavation, where his sister Jessyca, 25, a truck driver, works. The youngest, William, 10, follows in his father’s footsteps by racing a Jr. dragster and Megan, 11, dreams of princesses.

The mother, Caroline, is always there to support the man of her life and her children. She makes a sign of the cross to ward off bad luck before each race, the risk being real at such speeds. We feel them very much in love, Nick and her. Nick is also close to his emotions and is not afraid to tell his family and his friends how much he loves them.

In the first two episodes provided to the QMI Agency, we see the Landrys preparing for qualifying taking place in Napierville, Montérégie, where the track has existed since 1962.

Director Simon Sachel makes us live the passion of the family in the six episodes, shot between May and September. The Landrys confide readily and we understand their way of life better. Although not everyone is interested in drag racing, we can say that the Landrys are endearing, authentic and that they take care of each other, in addition to doing what they love. .

Produced by Valérie Gagnon of Productions 400 Pieds, the documentary series “Speed ​​in the blood” will be available on Tuesday on Videotron’s Vrai platform.

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