Spider Suzie, Alcibiades, Mademoiselle Sophie…

Spider Suzie, Alcibiades, Mademoiselle Sophie…

“Suzie Spider”

When spider Suzie has an idea in her head, it’s hard to change her mind!

From the hole in which she had always lived, one fine day she decided to set out to conquer the vast world. And so, putting one foot after the other (and there are 8 of them!), she started climbing up the gutter. But it started to rain and the spider found itself on the ground. And the toad laughed at her. The next day, Suzie equipped herself with an umbrella and started the climb again. Unfortunately, the wind picked up and the beast almost served as a snack to a passing swallow. But the next day Suzie started climbing the gutter again…

A fun, well-paced album that comes off like a nursery rhyme. For children from 3 years old.

Spider Suzie”. O. Lallemand and N. Blumenthal. Youth Glenat. 32 p. €11.90.

“Alkibiades, Lord Ash”

Here we are again at Nuru, the world of young people Alcibiades, a student of the Academy of Magic and an aspiring young adventurer. With his inseparable friends, he went through a magical portal to another world. There they discover a desert land where nothing grows and where the inhabitants are more than inhospitable. They realize that war is near and Nuru is in danger. Because in order to save their world, these enemies are ready for anything. But does one of the two worlds necessarily disappear for the other to survive?

If Alcibiades is still so stubborn and determined, and not an expert in magic formulas, he may hold the key to avoiding this war.

A continuation of the adventures of a young adventurer, always so humorous, and which are enriched by a beautiful conclusion that calls for solidarity.

“Alcibiade Volume 2 Le seigneur Cendre”, screenplay by Allan Barte, drawing by Marc Lataste, Glénat editions, 88 pages, €14.50.

“Miss Sophie”

Romain is 11, almost 12. Next year he will leave his school, on this side of the road, to go to college across the street. I’m not really a schoolboy anymore, I’m not quite a teenager yet.

As he is no longer very small, the boy realizes things that are not right around him, such as the fact that his lover Sophie is in bad shape and is constantly growing. But because he’s not that big yet, he’s a bit lost, he doesn’t understand what’s going on, he’d like to defend himself against ridicule, he’d like to live according to his desires, his feelings, but it’s complicated when you’re only 11 years old.

“Mademoiselle Sophie” is told in the form of a fairy tale, about a young lion trying to grow up and a hippopotamus, huge and bad in body. A very beautiful, poetic and extremely touching way of approaching complicated topics such as adolescence and its changes, obesity, the views of others…

“Miss Sophie. Or the fable of the lion and the hippopotamus”, script by Zabus, drawing by Hipolit, Dargaud edition, 168 pages, €23.

“My study notebook: memory games”

Editions du Dauphiné Libéré, in collaboration with the publisher Rue des écoles, publishes a new book for young children. Entitled “Memory Games”, this notebook from the “My Learning Notebook” collection is designed to help young children (kindergarten age) improve their memory while having fun.

Find all the elements present in the school bag, detect intruders, remember a series of numbers without error… Thanks to the many activities it offers, it allows him to be more attentive, to sharpen his sense of observation and to focus. An original and fun notebook for learning to learn better!

Four other notebooks for young children have already appeared in the same collection: Observation Games, My Activity Book, My Graphics Book, My Kindergarten Book.

“My learning notebook – Memory games”, 68 pages, €6.90. On sale at newsstands and in the Dauphiné Libéré store :

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