spoke openly about his relationship with Luc Besson (VIDEO)

spoke openly about his relationship with Luc Besson (VIDEO)

Guest of TPMP, Samy Nacéri returned to the beginning of his career and how much he owed to director Luc Besson.

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A media show that covers all topics related to personalities on the small and big screen, don’t touch my tv represented by his face Cyril Hanounathis January 5, he invited one of the most popular French actors of his generation: Samy Naceri. This one was present in 6 to 7 talk shows to promote his comic he wrote with the director Éric Atlan, The Amazing Adventures of Babe Wildy, a story intended for children and destined to become a cartoon. As such, the team members of TPMP they decided to look back on their guest’s career.

Carton in Taxi from 1998

While he was already stringing up small roles, the first of which he got from Olivier Dahanit is his meeting with Luc Besson on the set Léon 1994, which will allow him to expand his career. A few years later, the director offered him the first major role for which he became known to the general public: Daniel Morales, a young Marseille taxi driver in his film Taxi, a card with 12 million entries, 1998. The image of the man of the film is tarnished today, because he faced accusations of rape (a the dismissal was pronounced by the court and then confirmed in the appeal procedure 2022), i other allegations of sexual harassment. However, he can count on the recognition of Samy Naceri, who acknowledged the crucial role the director played in his life.

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“I owe him a lot”

A few seconds before viewing an excerpt from the first film of the license – whose absent from the last installmentvisibly moved, the actor spoke about how much he owed the director: “I see the work that has been done over the years and the work with Luca. He didn’t let us downhe wanted us to learn our text by heart.” Chosen by Luc Besson for this film, Samy Naceri stated: “I owe him a lot. I knew I was in a big machine with Luc Besson and whatever happened, I knew I was going to live an incredible adventure. And then we did a double, that was a success.” On the edge, the actor said then the descent into hell he went through after struggling with success and how many people later turned their backs on him when he went through a difficult period, especially punctuated by legal problems.

Don’t touch my TVit can be found in its entirety on the application myCHANNEL.

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