Sports and the love of books in the Night of Reading

Sports and the love of books in the Night of Reading

On Saturday, January 28, both children and adults attended the Reading Night organized at the Marcel-Arland media library, which had a sports theme and followed each of the organized activities.

A sports visit behind the scenes of the media library, a quiz that combines general knowledge and sports moves or even a virtual reality session that offers rock climbing. On Saturday, January 28, there was something for everyone at the Reading Night in Langres. An event initiated by the Ministry of Culture that is becoming more and more important.

For this occasion, the staff at media library Marcel-Arland dressed in comfortable and colorful clothes to set the sporty rhythm of the evening. Along with the library staff, the association L’autre demi du ciel and the weightlifting club also contributed to the success of this evening, where the participants could walk around the media library at dusk.

Thus, upon entering, the attendees were invited to estimate the weight of the book bags, and then try themselves in a quiz designed by the weightlifting club. In turn, the participants had to perform exercises under guidanceAdeline Cristofoli, weightlifting coach of Langrois. An opportunity for everyone to have a good time during this Night of Reading, which, like the previous editions, gathered a large audience.

Running stories and dynamic visits

Among the activities offered during the evening, sports tours different levels and reserves of the media library have achieved great success. Organized throughout the night, these walks allowed especially children to discover what is hidden behind the scenes.

All with small flexibility exercises, in the spirit of this sports evening. Sports were also discussed along with the running reading set up on the children’s literature floor, where virtual reality sessions with sensations in perspective for the public were also on the program.

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