Star Academy: a former member of the production makes a sensational revelation about the interviews in the confessional

Star Academy: a former member of the production makes a sensational revelation about the interviews in the confessional

Since its launch, the new season of Star Academy has left no one indifferent. In the columns of Ciné Télé Revue, a former member of the production made some revelations about the flagship program of TF1, in particular on the way in which the famous interviews of the students took place in the confessional.

Not a day goes by without Internet users commenting en masse on the daily newspapers of the star academywho are a hit on TF1. Having become an unmissable event for aficionados of the show, the episodes broadcast on the first channel sometimes annoy viewers, who often point the finger the big gap between live and the editing proposed by TF1. During the last debriefing of Laura Balon, the Web was for example annoyed not to have found on the daily the particularly sharp remarks of the scenic expression teacher, who notably attacked Julien.

While some Internet users accuse the production of favoring certain students through the editing but also the services offered on the premiumsa former member of the production, who worked on seasons 4 and 5, won by Grégory Lemarchal and Magalie Vaemade some revelations behind the scenes of the show, in the columns of Cine TV Revuepublished this Thursday, November 3.

“It’s a school but it’s still television”

The opportunity for him to discuss the interviews in the confessional, which he was called upon to conduct at the time. “We did one by one, they only heard our voice, and we asked them a series of questions about their day, how it went, what they found difficult etc. “, explained Thibaut Fassuleto, who specifies that students are not called at any time. “In the case of Magalie Vaé, we knew that she had a lot of trouble with sport, so you had to call him after class or at times that weren’t possibleand tell him: ‘Hey, it wasn’t easy today, huh… The teacher wasn’t cool with you!’ It’s a school but it’s still television. It needed entertainment, little crispy things for the daily newspapers”he revealed.

Then to continue:We had a script to follow, directives, like highlighting this or that person, in a positive way or, conversely, because it was a disaster“. A mechanism that has not always worked, while Thibaut Fassuleto also revealed that, despite the efforts of the production not to make Magalie Vae winthe young woman had managed to win unanimous support from the public, winning her season hands down.

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