Star Academy: a twist! The production would have chosen to separate from a professor

Star Academy: a twist! The production would have chosen to separate from a professor

In its latest issue, the magazine Audience reveals that a professor of star academy would be in the hot seat. Not having convinced the production and the viewers, it should not be renewed next season.

TF1 took a risky bet that paid off. 21 years after Jenifer’s coronationthe star academy made a comeback on the first channel of the post. At a time when some thought that confinement reality TV had had its day, this great comeback showed everyone that she had not yet lived her last hours. Every day, they are indeed nearly two million viewers to follow the daily, broadcast at 5:30 p.m. A success that can be explained by the good dose of nostalgia instilled in viewers, but also by the talents that make up the cast of this grand cru 2022. Among the candidates who stand out: Julien, the darling of the public who has already been saved twice, Enola, the hard worker of the season or Anisha, raw talent straight from Madagascar.

As for the teachers of this new season, on the other hand, they are not all unanimous. While director Michael Goldman and dance teacher Yanis Marshall are reaping the praises of the public, this is not frankly the case with Laure Balon, scenic expression teacher or Brauer’s Stoneresponsible for teaching theater to the tenants of the castle of Dammarie-Lès-Lys.

Pierre de Brauer ousted by production?

According to information from the magazine Audiencethe first would have been called to order by the production. This last, judging Laure Balon too smoothwould have asked the professor to assert herself more. We asked him to beef up his tone, to be more spicy”explains a source. However : is not Raphaëlle Ricci who wants!

For his part, Pierre de Brauer is not frankly convincing as a successor to Oscar Sisto and other emblematic professors. “We expect a lot and it does not give what we thought”, explains a member of the production. The disappointment would be such that the latter would have made a big decision: not to renew the close friend of Laurent Ournac for the next season… So, who will have the privilege of succeeding him? For now, that remains a mystery.

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