Star Academy – Anisha forced to leave France at the end of the show?

Star Academy – Anisha forced to leave France at the end of the show?

The star academy is about to close its doors after six intense weeks for the candidates since the telecrochet final is scheduled for this Saturday, November 26. Anisha, Louis, Enola and Léa will have to decide at the end of a bonus which is announced strong in emotions to elect the winner. The most discreet of the four finalists, Anisha, made an astonishing revelation in the live broadcast on MYTF1 MAX this Wednesday, November 23. In effect, the young woman of 22 years may be forced to return to Madagascarwhere she is from, at the end of the show.

While chatting with Léa, Anisha told how she saw her future outside the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys. The one who obtained a residence permit in France to study explained that it would be withdrawn if she gave up her studies. The candidate to whom Claudio Capeo proposed a duet therefore indicated that she thought of continuing these after the adventure star academy.

A final of the star academy in two times

On the side of Léa, the latter confided that she will resume her work in her optician’s store. Obviously, the results of the final could change a lot of things. If for Anisha, there is an element of right to see, for Léa, which has evolved a lot since the beginning of her adventure, it’s a safe bet that she will not continue her career as an optician. The return of the cult TF1 show was such a success that the first channel revealed thata new season would take place next year and that it would be lengthened, like the previous editions.

But before considering the future version of the reality TV program, the final will take place in two stages. The premium will therefore be divided into two parts: in the first, the two candidates who have collected the most votes from the public will be qualified for the rest, namely the real final. At the end of the second part of the evening, which is likely to end late, we will then know the big winner of the star academy.

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