Star Academy: Carla and Paola finally break the silence on social networks after their elimination

Star Academy: Carla and Paola finally break the silence on social networks after their elimination

This Sunday, November 6, the day after their elimination during the last prime of the Star Academy, Carla and Paola are finally out of silence on social networks. The opportunity for the two former students to thank their fans and take stock of the exceptional adventure to which they have just said goodbye.

They would have dreamed of continuing to shine at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lysbut the public decided otherwise. This Saturday, November 5, after an exceptional evening under the sign of duets, Carla and Paola bowed against Tiana and Léa, who were unanimous thanks to their recovery of When we only have love, acclaimed by the public and teachers. Difficult for Carla and Paola to make the weight despite their custom-made painting imagined by Yanis Marshallwhereas the two singers had a hard time tuning their violins this week for their performance, the first criticizing the second for its lack of involvement and motivation as the premium approaches.

I feel like you’re giving upI have the impression that you are complaining. And it annoys me. I have the impression that you gave up and that in any case we get eliminated. Stop saying you can’t. You will get there and you will do it“, had struck Carla, strongly annoyed by the behavior of her sidekick.

Carla and Paola speak for the first time since their release

Eliminated afteran evening full of emotionsPaola and Carla broke the silence a few hours later on their respective Instagram pages, messages eagerly awaited by their fans. “So the adventure Old man ended for me last night with my love partner. I am slowly coming down from these three magical weeks at the Château de la star academy who made me grow humanly and musically speaking. I turned my phone back on this morning and I am so surprised to see all your messages of support and kindness towards me. Thank you to all the people who voted for Paola and me last night, unfortunately it wasn’t enough but I am proud and happy to have lived this adventure and to have learned a lot about myself. Congratulations to my beauties Léa and Tiana who insured on this premium as well as all the others who made the show“, wrote Carla, in the caption of two souvenir shots taken inside the castle.

An emotion shared by Paola, who was shorter in a message also shared in an Instagram story. “I have been reading you since yesterday and i am so touched by all the love and support you give me…! […] The Old man it’s over for me but this is only the beginning of a beautiful story. I look forward to describing this new page by your side“, she wrote. Farewell to the castle, the story begins now for the two former students!

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Star Academy: Carla and Paola finally break the silence on social networks after their elimination

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