Star Academy: did Julien’s brother steal the show on the prime? His companion chuckles

Star Academy: did Julien’s brother steal the show on the prime? His companion chuckles

The fourth bonus of the star academy was the scene of all the surprises. One of them allowed Julien to be able to sing a duet with his brother. But this performance has divided Internet users, making the student’s sister-in-law rise on social networks.

It was a premiere night for Julien. The usual last of the class sat elsewhere than on the bench of nominees, this November 4, leaving his ejection chair to the pairs, Tiana / Léa and Carla / Paola. And tandem, it was also discussed for the ex-cashier of Franprixuntil then accustomed to taking the acid remarks of his teachers. The production of the star academy has indeed reserved a big surprise for him by allowing him to sing with his big brother, Mathieu Canaby. A face not unknown to tele-hook fans since he had participated in the only season of rising star on M6 as well as in the thirteenth season of New star in 2017.

The one who has stepped up several times to defend the “bad boy” of the promo therefore put himself behind his piano, and pushed him to surpass himself on the title To imagine of John Lennon. A great moment of emotion for the brothers, less for viewers who accused the one-night guest of stealing the show from his younger sibling. “Julien’s brother, he pulled the cover too much”, “Julien’s brother took up too much space in the performance, it sucks on his part”, “I’m shocked at the brother who sings more than Julien”have informed Internet users reassembled against Mathieu Canaby.

“They loved their moment”

And the latter, destroyer of the ugly ducklings, found himself a lawyer in the person of his girlfriend, Carla de Coignacwhich rose in the ranges on Twitter as soon as the show ended. “Mathieu and Julien know each other by heart. Everything has been done perfectly so that no one loses their means. They enjoyed their moment as they do every day at home”, she warned. And to add: “No need to tell you that if Mathieu has given so much it is to push his brother to reveal himself, exactly as they have always done”. A stroke of blood to preserve full harmony.

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