Star Academy: Enola does not know U2, Internet users annoyed by his lack of culture

Star Academy: Enola does not know U2, Internet users annoyed by his lack of culture

With the approach of a decisive bonus for the rest of the adventure, the six students of the star academy rehearsed Friday the songs they will perform in the semi-final. Enola then surprised her comrades by not recognizing the U2 hit sung by Chris and Anisha.

Not one to catch up with the other… The accumulated fatigue and the stress of the semi-final seem to weigh on the nerves of the six students who survived the star academy. Everyone has only one idea in mind as Saturday night’s bonus draws near: punch their ticket to the final and join Louis, qualified as best performer during assessments. But, instead of redouble their efforts, Léa and her little comrades have a natural tendency to let themselves go. Michael Goldman thus summoned the diva of the promotion to push her to her limits, while the coach, Marlène Schaff raised her voice to remind his flock of their duties.

These successive calls to order had the merit of waking up budding artists, motivated by the idea of ​​collaborating with monsters from the scene during the prime. Enola will thus have the privilege of singing a duet with Patrick Bruel, despite the market offered by Léa, while Anisha will defend her place in the adventure in tandem with Claudio Capeo. Anisha who also rehearsed with Chris the tube A from U2, much to the chagrin of Enola, who seemed to misunderstand the tune.

When Enola ignores the classics

“What is music? Me, I don’t know at all”she launched to Léa and Louis. If the first, which ignored (or pretended to ignore) the existence of Julien Clercbelieved to know that his father was a fan of the Irish group, the first finalist did not believe his ears. “Didn’t you know? It’s a classic Enola”he lectured, appalled by such a lack of musical culture. “I am fallible”, was justified the girlfriend of “Boubou” to explain this slack. An argument that left netizens speechless, otherwise less uneducated. “Oh no Enola who doesn’t know U2! And how to make the charm fly away in one sentence”, “Enola who doesn’t know One from U2. This promo is crazy, nobody knows anything”they reacted on Twitter. If even the usual top of the class gets involved…

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